In Memory

Irving Walker

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11/01/10 02:28 PM #1    

Janice Gallup (Hills)

I worked with Irving at Third National Bank many years ago.  He had health problems then, but I didn't know hehad passed away.

Does anyone know when this happened?

11/17/10 09:18 AM #2    

Alan Dunham



Alan W. Dunham


Reunion it will happen soon.

For some it is a date.

A travel back in time and space.

A plan to not be late.


Classical was, and used to be

A place where we could learn.

There we met and shared some time,

And friendships we did earn.


Farewell, my friend, now you are gone.

Too soon we had to part.

Thanks for the touch, the smile, the tear—

You’re always in my heart.


10/03/11 11:01 PM #3    

Brian Turner

Irving and I sat next to each other home room, and we took some classes together as well, most memorably Creative Writing with Miss Morrill.  She loved Irving's poetry, and I think she thought he was truly the single most talented writer in the class.  I was a little envious, but not so much that I failed to turn to him when we were at AIC a few years later, and asked him to submit some of his work to the literary magazine.  It was very good stuff, and I am left to wonder what he might have  accomplished had fate allowed him to live a full, free, healthy life.

08/05/16 12:10 AM #4    

Sharyn Wolf

Irving sat in front of me in an English class. We were W's. I'd worked my ass off on an essay about Kitty Genovese and apathy. I had two teachers, the parents of a friend, read my essay and give me feedback. When our essays were passed back, I got a B, and I could see that he got an A. I was stunned, and I deeply wondered what he could have written. Of course, I decided that th is male teacher didn't like me.  And, I just kept trying to please him as well as Mrs Morrill who made no rude comments on my stream of consciousness garble.  Perhaps, the combination of continually falling short in one grade and remaining unnoticed by Mrs Morrill in the other--at least, that was my understanding--led to my working harder and ending up a writer, after all.

Sharyn Wolf

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