In Memory

Alfredo Juan Olmstead Jr.

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11/17/10 09:18 AM #1    

Alan Dunham



Alan W. Dunham


Reunion it will happen soon.

For some it is a date.

A travel back in time and space.

A plan to not be late.


Classical was, and used to be

A place where we could learn.

There we met and shared some time,

And friendships we did earn.


Farewell, my friend, now you are gone.

Too soon we had to part.

Thanks for the touch, the smile, the tear—

You’re always in my heart.


11/17/10 07:13 PM #2    

Lee Geisel

As far as I can tell from my research, Alfredo passed away on April 8, 1996.  I have tried to find his obituary on line but have come up with nothing.  Alfredo was a great friend of mine in high school, and spent a lot of weekends at my house.  If anyone has any more information on Alfredo's passing, cause of death, etc, please let me know.  I would love to have more information.  Thanks.

Lee Geisel

08/23/11 11:13 AM #3    

Cheryl McDowell

 Alfredo and I were on the debate team together. I loved working with him because he was so smart and had such a quick intellect. Alfredo was one of the people who helped me realize there was a much bigger world outside the narrow confines of Springfield, MA. I hope he had a good and happy life after Classical.

10/03/11 10:56 PM #4    

Brian Turner

Alfredo and I knew each other in elementary school, Tapley.  I have a fond memory of going alone to see the movie "John Paul Jones" circa 1959.  At the Paramount or Capital, I can't remember which.  I was 10 or 11, and in the theatre I met Alfredo and his father, and they invited me to sit with them, and that made the movie--a nondescript actioner--all the more enjoyable.  He was very smart, as Cheryl says.

10/06/11 12:06 AM #5    

Timothy Lee

I remember Alfredo (Freddy) very well.  We used to hang out sometime and I remember him as bright, friendly and a positive spirit.  My day just became cold and cloudy and my heart heavy with such terrible news.

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